Fiction For Black History Month


This is a huge list. It is not meant for anyone to scroll through casually while in line or during their commute. It's more of a resource for people looking for books to read (during all twelve months of the year) or to help round out a book display they might be making for a store or library during Black History Month.

These are books I display on my own table throughout February at the Union Square BN, and people seem to like it, so this is both a digital version of that table (with much more room and a few out of print titles I can't get in anymore) for people who might like it outside of Manhattan, and a little reference for me to help remember what to order in.

I started doing this table years ago, because the "required" displays for Black History Month were so boring and expected; it was always Black Boy and Invisible Man and Maya Angelou and James Baldwin, and Toni Morrison, and it's not that those books or authors are themselves boring, but they're books that are so well-known they don't need a display to let people know they exist. Most of these are not going to show up on school reading lists, although they aren't all exactly obscure.

Again, this is just something I've curated over the years, so authors may appear more than once. Also, for my purposes, the focus was adult fiction with a few genre titles, and the visual appeal of the covers was a factor in the selection process because that's how displays work.

This list has actually been edited down, taking off a lot of the more popular titles to make it less gigantic, but if there's interest, I can make a list as big as the moon.

  • The Secret History of Las Vegas: A Novel

  • Stay with Me: A novel

  • Forest Gate: A Novel

  • Rails Under My Back: A Novel

  • The Fishermen: A Novel

  • The Motorcyclist

  • Jesus Boy

  • As Flies to Whatless Boys

  • What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky: Stories

  • Everything Good Will Come

  • By Night the Mountain Burns

  • Dominion: A Novel

  • Those Bones Are Not My Child (99) by Bambara, Toni Cade [Paperback (2000)]

  • Love Is Power, or Something Like That: Stories

  • The Tragedy of Brady Sims (Vintage Contemporaries)

  • Jam on the Vine: A Novel

  • The System of Dante's Hell (AkashiClassics: Renegade Reprint Series)

  • Blackass: A Novel

  • Queen Sugar: A Novel

  • Radiance of Tomorrow: A Novel