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"It's an independently owned space to track and share your reading, and to celebrate books with other readers."
Sarah, librarian
"I love that the layout is clean, uncrowded, and I love making & browsing lists."
Adrielle, avid reader
“I like getting a curated list of the book deals I'm interested in without having to spend hours combing through Amazon to find what I might want to read.”
Katelin, avid reader

Editors who care.

Community manager Kate
"I think our personal touch is our real strength. Rifflers are so impressed when we respond to them quickly and there's actually a warm, real person getting back to them”
Meet Kate, Riffle community manager
Marya, editor for Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
“Rifflers are all so passionate about what they read and they communicate in a friendly way.”
Meet Marya, Riffle editor for Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Gregory, editor for Horror
“I think more people are becoming disenchanted with some options out there and are finding Riffle a better alternative. The Riffle community interaction is very friendly.”
Meet Gregory, Riffle editor for Horror

These books won’t read themselves.

"[One] of the best new discovery tools I've come across."
Could Riffle Be the Pinterest of Book Discovery?
"...sets itself apart not just on reviews but on content."
"Riffle lets readers share and discover books with friends."