Five Novels that Will Change Your Mind About Indie Books


Indie books sometimes get a bad rap because they are not from the big five publishers. Some indie books are from regional, small presses and others are from self-published authors. Here are five novels that will change your mind about indie books.

The El Paso Red Flame Gas Station - "A well-wrought panorama of small-town dramas and discontents." — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

Missing Mr. Wingfield - "With his impressively honed craft, Clark has produced an equally compelling literary draw." — BlueInk Review (Starred Review)

Sammie & Budgie - "Semegran is a gifted writer, with a wry sense of humor. Poignant, yet never maudlin, this novel will appeal to literary-minded readers and fans of magical realism." — BlueInk Review (Starred Review)

No Big Thing - "A well-written story—one that includes Old South traditions and dirt-road romances, with a healthy dose of beer joint camaraderie thrown in for good measure." — BlueInk Review (Starred Review)

Delivering Virtue - "Threads of satire are skillfully woven into this tapestry of humor and pathos, magical realism, and historical fact." — Foreword Clarion Reviews. Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5. 2015 INDIES Finalist.