Hungry for Home (Coming Home) (Volume 3)

Brenda S Anderson

Hungry ... Homeless ... Heartbroken After a troubling encounter with a pregnant teen, Sheila Peterson-Brooks hurries from the crisis pregnancy center into the frigid Minnesota winter where she is mugged and left for dead. After a frantic search, Richard, her husband, finds her, and the police quickly nab the mugger ... A hungry, homeless teen. The brother of the pregnant girl Sheila had just counseled. The girl pleads for her brother, and Sheila and Richard choose not to press charges. Instead, they open their home to the boy, a move that could cost them their possessions, and their hearts. And, in the process, teach them the true meaning of home. Praise for Hungry for Home ... "Hungry for Home is more than a series finale - it is heartfelt, heart-wrenching fiction at its best, exploring relationships and family, love, faith and forgiveness in fresh, life-changing ways. I see myself in these endearing, enduring characters, their weaknesses and struggles and hard-won triumphs. Although worthy as a standalone novel, this finale is best savored beginning with the Coming Home series prequel Pieces of Granite, Chain of Mercy, and Memory Box Secrets. Bravo, Brenda Anderson!"  --Laura Frantz, author of The Mistress of Tall Acre "Hungry for Home, Book 4 in Brenda Anderson's Coming Home series, is not simply a story that ties up loose ends. As she has done with each of the previous books, Brenda tackles tough subjects with grace, grit, and humor. While Hungry for Home does eventually satisfy the reader who has journeyed with Richard and Sheila, and the Brooks family, there are still crises to endure and difficult decisions to be made. Brenda's characters are multi-dimensional - real people the reader will identify with and root for as they face life-changing situations. Hungry for Home is an excellent read for those who want to dig deep into real-life issues and wrestle with making wise, faith-based decisions."  --Stacy Monson, author of Dance of Grace from the Chain of Lakes series "Brenda S. Anderson's Hungry for Home will squeeze your heart in this final story of her excellent Coming Home series. The story ended so well that it's now my favorite!"  --Stephanie Prichard, bestselling co-author of Stranded

Vivant Press 362 pages

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