The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant - Ellie's Best Beach Vacation Ever (Volume 4)

Marci Fair

Ellie the elephant and Pudgy the penguin are stuffed animals…and the best of friends. They have been on many adventures together, like moving to a new neighborhood, flying on an airplane, visiting animal friends and relatives at a zoo, going back to school together to meet new teachers and learn—and now they get to enjoy a summer adventure on a wonderful beach vacation! The excitement mounts as Ellie and Pudgy pack their beach balls and sunglasses and jump in the car for the game-filled drive to the coast. Once they arrive, Ellie and Pudgy head straight for the beach to dig in the warm sand, swim in the sparkly blue ocean, and see lots of colorful fish. Then they head out for an afternoon packed full of adventure! Join in the excitement as these best friends share many new experiences while on their special beach vacation—traveling to a new place, trying new activities, riding bikes, enjoying a froggie lunch, and sweet treats, building the biggest sandcastle ever, and much more as they spend a sunny day outside and explore this special beach town! Enjoy the other books in this award-winning series "Ellie Makes A New Friend", "Ellie's First Plane Ride" and "Ellie Goes Back To School"!

Pacochel Press 38 pages

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