Gifts of the Magi: a Speculative Holiday Collection

R. J. Sullivan

Stories for Christmas, authors for the New Year! Find within this magical tome 14 NEW original holiday-themed stories of fantasy, horror and science fiction by a talented group of authors--plus one holiday essay. The tales from our Magi vary from the light and satirical to the dark and serious, and we've shuffled the deck to keep you guessing. •A time guardian may have to choose between preserving reality or destroying the man she loves. •A snowman comes to life, but he's not a happy soul. •Santa makes a terrible bargain in order to save Christmas. •On Christmas Eve, a furious fairy princess attacks a double-decker bus. •Two secret agents attend an exclusive Christmas party with an unusual price of admission. •Soldiers in the midst of the zombie apocalypse try to find the Christmas spirit. •A boy and his father confront an alien creature on the Longest Night. •A mercenary packing magical pistols battles a monster while Christmas shopping for her werewolf boyfriend. •Steampunk detectives find themselves fending off Christmas "elves." •Humans exiled to an alternate world blend alien and human holiday traditions. •A banished prince with a magic chicken finds a nearly drowned soldier--so says the storyteller. •A bounty hunter searches for a rogue elf. •A traumatized punk girl confronts the spirits from the worst night of her life. •In a dystopian future, Christmas is outlawed. •...And Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author Nicole Cushing reveals the holiday specials that she feels deserve "lumps of coal." 100% of all proceeds from this book benefit Indy Reads. Indy Reads is a not-for-profit organization that relies on volunteers to provide basic literacy tutoring to illiterate and semi-literate adults. Indy Reads operates a bookstore in downtown Indianapolis. Learn more at

Speculative Fiction Guild 198 pages

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