Raindrops Glimpses Moments: An Unconventional?

Len Richman

Len Richman creates an atmosphere of candor with a broad scope, describing inspirational people, books, moving flashes of insight, and passionate views of ordinary and extraordinary places, disclosing clues as to why life unfolded as it did. Richman's writing projects an attitude of appreciation for images of beauty, a participation in understandings achieved, a sharing of experiences assimilated, and obstacles overcome.He has an unabashed love for people and nature, an unshakable confidence in life, and an abiding enthusiasm for communicating it.From working class asphalt-urban-immigrant beginnings to wilderness treks, literary explorations, international adventures and back to the wonders found close to home, this is a voyage of self-discovery, a passionate, probing, eclectic, and energetic journey.

Llumina Press 192 pages

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