Box Set: The Spider Jockey Academy Series: Original Spider Jockey Action

Christopher Craft

Only the strong survive. Do you have what it takes to make it through the Academy? Deep within the mountains, legends tell of a mystical place where young men and women are trained in the mystical art of spider riding. At the Academy, these brave few are pushed to their physical and mental limits in their pursuit of becoming a spider jockey. It is here that the brave are set apart from the weak, and only the strong survive.Join Boris, our fearless hero, who defies all odds when he is accepted to the Academy as the first, and only, human student to ever attend. In his quest to become a legendary spider jockey, Boris must rely on his wits, strength, and his indomitable spirit to succeed, as he dodges every obstacle that comes his way. Between difficult professors, bullies, and unimaginable odds, Boris must fight for every inch it takes to achieve his dream and reach his full potential. Will he have the stamina to do it? Can he really rise to the occasion and become an apt and able spider rider? Complete this thrilling adventure today by grabbing the box set of The Spider Jockey Series! Grab the series while this offer is still available!

Still Looking 272 pages

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