The Spider Jockey Academy: Trouble Is Brewing (Unofficial Minecraft Stories)

Christopher Craft

Out of the pan and into the flame! A young minecraft boy's journey has only just begun. Boris is no stranger to challenge. When you’re the only human at the infamous Spider Jockey Academy, nothing ever comes easily, and this includes staying alive. However, despite the danger, Boris has made it out the other side of his freshman year classes and is ready to take on his next challenge—spider riding! It is here that his training to become a legendary spider jockey truly begins. Can Boris rise to this new challenge? Or was his epic confrontation with Tiny, the giant spider, a fluke? Find out this and much more as the EPIC tale in The Spider Jockey Series continues! Scroll up now, grab a copy and join the adventure! Special bonus exclusive invitation at the back of the book!

Accepting Offers 122 pages

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