Kayla Sinclair knows she’s in big trouble when she almost bankrupts herself to buy a life-size portrait of a mysterious eighteenth century man at an auction. Jago Kerswell, inn-keeper and smuggler, knows there is danger in those stolen moments with Lady Eliza Marcombe, but he'll take any risk to be with her. Over two centuries separate Kayla and Jago, but, when Kayla’s jealous fiancé presents her with an ultimatum, and Jago and Eliza’s affair is tragically discovered, their lives become inextricably linked thanks to a gypsy’s spell. Kayla finds herself on a quest that could heal the past, but what she cannot foresee is the danger in her own future. Will Kayla find heartache or happiness? Christina's Highland Storms won the 2012 Historical Romantic Novel of the year award. Her novel The Scarlet Kimono won the Big Red Reads Best Historical Fiction Award and The Silent Touch of Shadows won the 2012 Best Historical Read award from the UKs Festival of Romance.

Choc Lit 336 pages

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