Ignite: Firefighter Shifter Fantasy (Burning Moon Book 2)

RK Close

The McKenzie brothers know that the small mountain community they call home would never accept them if they were to discover the firefighting trio are wolf-shifters.   Seth McKenzie is proud of his reputation among the ladies. If only he could stop dreaming about a certain rebellious she-vamp, he might get back to his free-spirited, fun-loving ways. But Seth can't help but believe there’s something special about the brunette vampire. When a powerful underworld thug comes looking for Olivia, Seth may surprise himself by how far he’ll go to protect her. Olivia Borden thought becoming a child of the night was the worst thing that could have happened to her. She was wrong. When Olivia’s clan arrived in the mountains of Arizona, the city girl hated everything about the sleepy town—until she met a shifter to die for. The smooth-talking middle brother is the one man in town Olivia should stay away from. When her past catches up to her, Olivia’s clan plan to escape before trouble reaches them. But is she prepared to leave the only person who makes her feel alive? A new blend of urban fantasy and paranormal romantic suspense. SPARK - #1 IGNITE - #2 BLAZE - #3 ASHES - #4

RK Close Books 232 pages

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