Spark: A Firefighter Shifter Fantasy (Burning Moon Book 1)

R.K. Close

New Series by R.K. CLOSE! A firefighter with a wild secret to protect and a tenacious news reporter looking for her big break clash after several suspicious deaths rock a small mountain community. Liam and his brothers have hidden their wolf natures from the residents of Flagstaff, but when vampires move in, the small town may not be big enough, especially when friends begin to die. Jessica attempts to interview the ruggedly handsome fire captain, only to be met with stubborn resistance. This challenge only serves to encourage Jess to dig deeper. The fact that she’s strangely drawn to Liam is as confusing as it is frustrating since he seems resistant to her profession and her feminine charms. As Jessica draws closer to the truth behind the mysterious deaths, she captures the attention of more than just the fire captain. When the outspoken reporter’s life is threatened, Liam will have to decide between keeping his family secret or risk exposure to protect the woman who’s been haunting his thoughts and dreams. ★★★★★ “This was one of those books that grabbed my attention from the very beginning. The author develops the characters very well so that you feel like you know them and it makes the story easier to follow as each character has purpose.” Amazon Reader Review ★★★★★ “If you are a fan of paranormal romance and in particular, shapeshifting wolves, then this new series is a must read…” Amazon Reader Review Clean Paranormal Romantic Suspense / HEA BURNING MOON SERIES Spark - #1 Ignite - #2 (April 2019) Blaze - #3 (May 2019)

R.K. Close Books 254 pages

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