Being the empathic daughter of a magician with the inability totransform into her wolf is not something Tessa Shaw wants anyone toknow, especially the inquisitive detective Phelan Rand. When Tessabecomes the target of an enemy shifter intent on stealing magic todestroy her family, she has no choice but to trust the sexy wolf shifter with her life...and possibly her heart. Phelan Rand thought taking the new job with the specialinvestigation division was going to advance his career, not hinder it.When he's reassigned from a murder investigation to work as security for a local casino, he knows he's in trouble. Working undercover meansbeing around Tessa. The enticing female is his partner's sister and hisnew alpha's niece--a situation that moves her to the top of hisdo-not-mess-with-ever list. Entrusted with Tessa's safety, his greatest challenge besideskeeping her alive will be resisting the tempting she-wolf--hard to dowhen his inner wolf insists that she's his mate.

Nola Robertson 205 pages

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