A city with secrets—a hidden world of shifters, magic, and danger. Tessa Shaw knows there’s more to her home than bright lights and slot machines. She has secrets of her own, and being the empathic daughter of a magician with the inability to transform into her wolf is not something she wants to share with anyone, including her brother’s new devilishly handsome and inquisitive partner. Phelan Rand thinks taking the job with the special investigation division is going to advance his career, not hinder it. When he’s reassigned from a murder investigation to work at a local casino, he knows he’s in trouble, because working undercover means being around Tessa. The beautiful female is his partner’s sister, his alpha’s niece, and an off-limits temptation that’s hard to ignore. When Tessa is targeted by an enemy shifter intent on stealing magic to destroy her family, Phelan’s greatest challenge besides keeping her alive will be resisting the urge to claim her as his own. Hard to do when his wolf is convinced she’s his mate.

Nola Robertson 205 pages

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