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Offbeat/Oddball Detective Novel Genre Mashups  ›

The best detective novels that warp realities, smash through genres, refuse to play by the rules, and turn genre stories in a whole new direction.
by Corey Redekop
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Released in 2017 Favorites  ›

My Favorite books that were released in 2017
by Palwasha Rehman
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Your Pre-Thanksgiving Family Drama Reading List  ›

Dreading your dramatic family this Thanksgiving? Check out these titles and prepare yourself.
by Riffler
5 books
  • In Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere, the Richardsons’ only crime is being too invested in the lives of their neighbors. Like, so invested that they find estranged family members in an attempt to ruin their neighbors’ lives. Totally normal, right?

  • J. Courtney Sullivan’s brilliant Saints for All Occasions opens with the death of Patrick Rafferty, the eldest son in the Flynn-Rafferty clan. But as the story unfolds, playing with time and location, we learn that not all is well in this Irish Catholic household.

  • In Alison Bechdel’s deeply personal graphic memoir Fun Home, the writer-illustrator unpacks the secret that ultimately took her father’s life.

  • Jade Chang weaves a hilarious road trip novel around the newly bankrupt Wangs in The Wangs vs. The World. If money is the topic at the table this Thanksgiving, take a cue from the Wangs and be grateful that your parents’ business didn’t go under this year. Because otherwise, they might be staying for longer than just Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Kate Heaney and Ariana Rebolini’s Public Relations is the ultimate post-Thanksgiving novel. It’s the kind of escapist reading that will make you want to text choice paragraphs to your friends, flirt harder with your crush, and stay in bed all evening reading.

locked room mysteries for fans of murder on the orient express  ›

A locked room gathers many corpses. But HOW??
by karenbrissette
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  • This homage to Agatha Christie blends elements from two of her most celebrated novels: And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express, as a murder investigation aboard a British steamship bound for Calcutta is complicated by the (charmingly eccentric) suspects being murdered, one by one, to the consternation of Police commissioner Gauche.

  • A locked room mystery in spaaaaaaaace! A character-driven sci-fi/mystery blend in which the clones of a murdered starship crew “awaken” with no memories of how they died. Now, trapped on a spaceship floating through the galaxy, they must figure out who among them is the killer before they get murdered. Again.

  • 1936, Tokyo: The would-be murderer of seven women is himself found murdered in a locked room, just before his intended victims are killed precisely as he had plotted. Forty years later, the crimes are still unsolved, two amateur detectives set themselves to the task, and in a few instances of authorial intrusion, Soji Shimada encourages the reader (that's YOU!) to try to beat them to it.

  • Sometimes called "America's Agatha Christie," Mignon Eberhart's writing career spanned 60 years, with about as many books to her name, yet she has been largely forgotten. Right history's wrongs by reading this book, in which a group of people become snowed in at a hunting lodge after being strategically gathered by their hostess for reasons which will become clear around the same time as the bodies start dropping.

  • DI Sean Duffy tackles the second locked-room murder of his career after nearly dismissing it as a suicide on the grounds that encountering two such cases would be statistically unlikely, although they occur with some regularity to Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. His investigation (metaphorically) busts the locked room wide open, exposing a web of corruption, conspiracy, and criminal activity on an international scale

These Are the 10 Must-Read Books of November 2017  ›

Dailybreak shares 10 reads for November 2017.
by Riffler
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  • Father and son collaborate for a twist on the classic fairy tale: women suddenly fall asleep and, if disturbed, turn into feral creatures. Men, meanwhile, must fend for themselves and revert to their primal natures. Evie is the exception to this sleeping disease, but does she hold the key to solving the mystery?

  • As a child, Anna watches her father meet with an affluent and mysterious man. She grows up to become the family breadwinner after her father’s disappearance, and is the first female diver at Brooklyn Navy Yard during war time. When she crosses paths with a mystery man from the past, she learns the nuanced complexity of her father's life.

  • Just like best-selling novel “The Martian,” Andy Weir’s tale of a space colony on the moon is grounded in heavy science with a side of humor. This time, the story follows plucky heroine Jazz, a contraband-smuggling porter trying to scrape by in her lunar life. She accidentally finds herself stuck in the middle of a scheme much bigger than her and must use her wily ways to survive.

  • Jeannie grew up with the ghost of her dead half-sister Jeanne lurking in her periphery. After her elderly father dies, Jeannie vows to write about his life. But first, she must accept a sibling she's never met, her own mental illness and a mystery with too few answers to solve.

  • After destroying us all with “The Fault in Our Stars,” Green is back with a pair of teens, Aza and Daisy, who are eager to investigate the disappearance of a billionaire. As they get close to the man’s son, with their eyes on a reward, their mission is threatened when Aza’s OCD begins to take over.

Must Read Christmas Gems!  ›

Some of the best Christmas books I've found away from the glare of big publisher advertising.
by Janine Tabor
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Thanksgiving Mysteries for 2017  ›

Curl up with one of these mystery novels over the long Thanksgiving weekend.
by Riffler
5 books
  • The picturesque New England town of Cobb’s Landing is getting ready for their Colonial Thanksgiving festivities, and Mayor Peggy Jean Turner is getting prepared for an onslaught of tourists. Along with the hubbub about the festivities, the mayor also finds herself a suspect in the murder of one of her neighbors whose body is found in the village green.

  • American Dorothy Martin has been living in the hamlet of Sherebury, England for years with her retired detective husband Alan. Since Dorothy is a retired teacher, she is asked to pinch-hit as a substitute teacher at the local elementary school. Soon one of the teachers is accused of murdering her repressive husband and Dorothy becomes involved.

  • Pulitzer Prize winning forensic historian Simon Shaw is taking a Thanksgiving vacation on Pearlie Beach, a small island off of the North Carolina coast. While on the island, he is asked to take a look what appears to an old barnacle-encrusted diver’s outfit, overgrown with seaweed. Upon further investigation Simon realizes that there is a body inside.

  • Lucy Stone has a full plate, escorting a preschool field trip to a turkey farm, working part-time as a reporter for her small town’s newspaper, and preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 12. A story falls right into Lucy’s lap when a confrontational member of the Metinnicut Indian tribe is murdered with a war club right in the midst of Tinker’s Cove’s Thanksgiving festivities.

  • Mystery editor Clair Rawlings and her ward, 12-year-old Meredith Lawrence, are headed to the Wayside Inn in Massachusetts for the Thanksgiving holiday. The inn guests are stranded by a heavy snowstorm and by the murder of a waitress Mona Lisa. Clair and her “Dr. Watson,” Meredith, can’t wait for Wally to arrive so they investigate the murder. This is a well-written, fast-paced locked room cozy.