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Sherlock Holmes Pastiches - Female Characters  ›

There are an increasing number of new novels featuring Sherlock Holmes that have strong female characters. Many of them are written in traditional style, but focus more, or centrally on female characters.
by mxpublishing
20 books

Funny Picture Books  ›

Picture books guaranteed to make you laugh
by Meghan Cirrito
38 books

2020  ›

Books I read in 2020.
by кaтja
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Science Fiction  ›

Science fiction books on our library shelves
by NACS Library
318 books

To read - personal growth or spirituality  ›

Books I would like to read for personal growth
by Anni
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Nataša Pantović AoL Consciousness Research  ›

Nataša Pantović AoL Mindfulness Series of 9 Books. The Series of many genres, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction focuses on ancient worlds creativity and power of mind. Published by Artof4Elements in Malta with 7 Authors.
by Nataša Pantović
9 books

Some Books I Love that Transcend Territories  ›

... special choices that give me pleasure
by Aly Monroe
66 books

Books I have bought for my grandchildren   ›

Books to awaken a love of language and stories and thought
by Aly Monroe
58 books

Oldies but Goodies  ›

Books in our library written before 1990
by NACS Library
168 books

Dentistry Essentials  ›

Renowned as superb and trustworthy, our dentistry titles are there to support you through every stage of your dental career. From Orthodontics to Paediatrics, enjoy our comprehensive textbooks that ensure you learn what really matters.
by Oxford Academic
6 books
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  • The Principles of Endodontics, Third Edition is a contemporary and easy-to-read guide on why and how to carry out safe and effective endodontic treatment.

  • Featuring over 270 Single Best Answer questions and written and peer-reviewed by clinicians working within each specialty, this is an authoritative guide for dental students providing a wealth of revision.

  • This new edition has been completely updated to reflect contemporary practice. Hailed as 'superb', 'thorough', and 'contemporary', this is the essential orthodontics text for all staff involved in orthodontic treatment, whether they are dental students, orthodontic therapists or postgraduate students at the beginning of their career.

  • A clear and friendly guide for students, practitioners, and the whole dental team this title covers 'must-know' oral pathology and integrates key aspects of oral medicine.

  • This new edition of Paediatric Dentistry is a trustworthy guide to the essentials of paediatric dentistry for both students and practitioners alike.

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