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Tree books, ebooks and audiobooks finished in 2019
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European Society of Medical Oncology 2019 Reading List   ›

Browse our key titles for this year's European Society of Medical Oncology annual congress (ESMO), taking place 27th September - 1st October in Barcelona, Spain.
by Oxford Academic
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  • The Oxford Textbook of Cancer Biology brings together the most up-to-date developments from different branches of research into one coherent volume. Edited by leading authorities in the field, this book is an essential resource for scholars and professionals working in the wide variety of sub-disciplines that make up today's cancer research and treatment community.

  • Written and edited by internationally recognised leaders in the field, the new edition of the Oxford Textbook of Oncology has been fully revised and updated, taking into consideration the advancements in each of the major therapeutic areas, and representing the multidisciplinary management of cancer.

  • An essential resource, the Oxford Textbook of Communication in Oncology and Palliative Care is filled with tips and strategies for effective communication about difficult and challenging communication. In focusing on cancer and the end-of-life, it deals with the existential and spiritual challenges found across all of medicine, providing deep insights into what is at stake and how clinicians might optimally respond. This authoritative and wide-ranging book provides clinicians with state-of-the-art and evidence-based guidelines to achieve effective, patient-centred communication in the clinical settings of oncology and palliative care.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Oncology has been the essential go-to guide for students and practitioners in oncology for over a decade. The scientific basis and diagnosis of cancers is covered, as well as drugs, biomarkers, and the presentation and psychosocial aspects of oncology. Concise, practical, and comprehensive, there is no better companion for both common conditions and challenging emergencies.

  • Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention has served as the premier reference work for students and professionals working to understand the causes and prevention of cancer in humans. Now revised for the first time in more than a decade, this fourth edition provides a comprehensive summary of the global patterns of cancer incidence and mortality, current understanding of the major causal determinants, and a rationale for

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Ciencia ficción
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