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17 YA Books Set in Ireland  ›

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Celebrate the luck of the Irish with these 17 young adult books set in Ireland!
by Epic Reads
17 books

Banned Books International  ›

Celebrate banned books all year long with these picks from around the globe.
by World Literature Today
19 books

At The Movies: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense Novels Made Into Films  ›

A list of Mystery/Thriller/Suspense novels that have been made into movies.
by Mandy Boles
20 books

Fear and Loathing & Beyond: Mind-Bending Books  ›

The 60s through a 160 mph Psilocybin Lens. From Murakami to Burroughs. You're gonna have to bend your mental lens for these.
by Riffle Pop Culture
19 books

New Horror Books: January 2014 Releases  ›

Start the New Year off just the right horror book to scare you sleepless. Check out these January 2014 releases.
by Greg Fisher
47 books

The Best, Most Fascinating Books download to your New, Wonderful Electronic Devices!  ›

A premium selection of books ~ if you like fiction, look no further ~ Thrillers, it's here ~ Speculation, we've got it ~ this will get you started!
by Robin Geesman
33 books

Rotten Erotica: The WORST Sex Scenes in Classic Literature   ›

Sex in literature: gratuitous add-on or sensual essential? One thing's for sure, some writers just get it wrong.
by Riffle Classics
8 books
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  • 1684: I grant in absence dildo may be used/ With milk of goats, when once our seed's infused./ My p**** no more to bald c*** shall resort—/ Merkins rub off, and often spoil the sport.

  • 1748: "I had it now, I felt it now, and, beginning to drive, he soon gave nature such a powerful summons down to her favourite quarters, that she could no longer refuse repairing thither; all my animal spirits then rushed mechanically to that centre of attraction, and presently, inly warmed, and stirred as I was beyond bearing, I lost all restraint."

  • 1814: "My wish comes true at last, this day of days; finally I have you in my grasp! Your 'bobo' is ripe and full, how wonderful! Superior to all others! To suck and suck and suck some more. After we do it masterfully, I'll guide you to the Dragon Palace of the Sea God and envelop you." [Um, for clarification, that was an octopus performing cunnilingus on a woman...]

  • 1934: "There was something about her eloquence at that moment and the way she thrust that rose­bush under my nose which remains unforgettable ... Her words imbued it with a peculiar fragrance; it was no longer just her private organ, but a treasure, a magic, potent treasure."

  • 1949: "My c*** was still firm. It hung obedient on her wet lips, as though receiving the sacrament from a lascivious angel. She came again, like an accordion collapsing in a bag of milk."

Occupational Wellness  ›

The books listed here engage readers in meaningful work and responsible monetary practices: purposeful and rewarding career, financial stability and planning, child rearing, household management, and balance of work and leisure.
by Ashe Library Reads!
63 books
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  • Graphic novels tell the stories, star the heroes (real and fictional) and address the issues relevant to teens and tweens in a style that holds their interest and keeps them coming back for more! More than merely comic books -- and not always rated "PG" -- they have an important educational component as well. (Ashe)

  • The best kid-friendly recipes and guide to the gluten-free milk-free diet for ADHD and Autism.What it is. Why it works. How to do it.The Centers for Disease Control reports significant increases in Autism and ADHD - both affecting primarily boys. The CDC estimates that 1 out of 175 children (age 4 to 17) currently have Autism (300,000). (Ashe)

  • Anyone working with preschoolers and early primary age children will want this book. Over 200 activities teach children to explore and understand their world through open-ended art experiences that emphasize the process of art, not the product. Activities are included for painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, and construction. (Ashe)

  • Has your daughter started wearing makeup and thinking about boys - years before you dreamed it could happen? Are you concerned that your son has been acting up and talking back - while you re sure you should still be his hero?As you know, the ''tween'' years, which fall between the ages of eight and twelve, can often be a challenging time for both you and your child. (Ashe)

  • Today's generation of dads grew up more tech-savvy than ever. Rather than joining the Little League team, many grew up playing computer games, Dungeons and Dragons, and watching Star Wars. Now with kids of their own, these digital-age dads are looking for fresh ways to share their love of science and technology, and help their kids develop a passion for learning and discovery. (Ashe)

Fantasy  ›

Worlds I wish I could live in.
by Patti Fiala
38 books

Further reading for fans of Molly's Game  ›

Poker? I barely know her!
by karenbrissette
11 books
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  • In the "fantasies: glamor" section of my mind, filed next to "hosting exclusive star-studded card-parties and making tons of money doing so," you'll find "developing a superpower where winning millions in Vegas is just another day at the office." Card-counting may not be an actual superpower, but it's a valuable skill to unleash in a casino, and reading about some kids who beat Vegas at its own game is underdog gold.

  • There aren't a ton of prominent women on the professional poker scene, so when one becomes the first person of any gender to win the European Poker Tour twice, it's a pretty big deal. Coren wrote this book before her second, record-setting win, but she was already an impressive figure and this funny, wry, very smart memoir of her life in and out of the game will charm you even if you aren't particularly poker-savvy.

  • Pulitzer prize-winning novelist and mediocre poker player Colson Whitehead is given $10,000 and an assignment by Grantland magazine: enter the World Series of Poker and see how far you can get. This is his story. Dunh dunh.

  • Molly ran into problems when she moved her operation from L.A. to N.Y., where illegal gambling interests fell within the purview of organized crime. Although the Sinatra Club was established well before Molly's time, this book gives some insights into the rise of illegal gambling dens, where the five families of the New York Mafia could meet to play cards and talk business without any meddling ladies taking a cut.

  • Like Whitehead, McManus attended the World Series of Poker as a journalist. Harper's hired him to report on female players and to cover a murder trial that was unfolding at the same time; the defendants accused of killing Ted Binion, the tournament's host. Instead McManus decided to enter the tournament himself, getting surprisingly far, and he wrote this book, which ended up not being very much about women in poker.