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Environmental Wellness  ›

Books listed here relate to caring for the earth: protection of resources. safety enhancement. awareness of surroundings, conservation, understanding the negative effect of personal choices.
by Ashe Library Reads!
41 books
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  • Part green-lifestyle guide, part popular science, How Bad Are Bananas? is the first book to provide the information we need to make carbon-savvy purchases and informed lifestyle choices and to build carbon considerations into our everyday thinking. (NC Cardinal)

  • The most dangerous pollution has always come from commonplace items in our homes and workplaces. Smith and Lourie ingested and inhaled a host of things that surround all of us all the time. This book exposes the extent to which we are poisoned every day of our lives. (Ashe)

  • Nature-deficit disorder describes the human costs of alienation from nature. This alienation damages children and shapes adults, families, and communities. There are solutions, though, and they're right in our own backyards. This book presents cutting-edge research showing that direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development—physical, emotional, and spiritual. (Wilkes, Watauga)

  • Eco-friendliness has grown into a way of life across the country. Eco-Friendly Families is the perfect guide to raising a family with “green” values, whether they’re celebrating their first Earth Day or are old hands at recycling, eating organic, and carrying a cloth bag to the supermarket. Parents and children can all live by eco-example by following the tips in this book. (NC Cardinal)

  • After forming an intense bond with Natasha, a wolf cub she raised as part of her undergraduate research, Renée Askins was inspired to found the Wolf Fund. As head of this grassroots organization, she made it her goal to restore wolves to Yellowstone National Park, where they had been eradicated by man over seventy years before. (NC Cardinal)

Emotional Wellness  ›

These books provide awareness, acceptance and healthy expression of one's feelings: expression of emotions, stress management, positive attitude and outlook on life, assertiveness and healthy boundaries, intimacy, interdependence, and independence.
by Ashe Library Reads!
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  • This is the story of how one modest young woman’s life turned psychiatry on its head and radically changed the course of therapy, and our culture, as well. (Ashe)

  • Yoga Sparks offers 108 quick, practical, and accessible yoga exercises that you can practice anytime, anywhere—no matter how busy or stressful your schedule. In this book, you will learn how yoga in "bite-size" pieces can become a healthy habit that can relieve emotional stress, increase your physical strength and flexibility, and help you to lead a happier, healthier life. (NC Cardinal)

  • Rosenthal shows that true innovation, emotional resilience, wisdom, and dignity can only come from confronting and understanding the adversity we have experienced. Even when life is hardest, there are meanings to be found, riches to be harvested, and gifts that can last a lifetime. (NC Cardinal)

  • "Sylvia" a highly intelligent young girl, became a schizophrenic in her late teens and spent most of the next seventeen years in and out of mental institutions. Susan Sheehan, a talented reporter, followed her for almost a year, talking with and observing her, listening to her monologues, sitting in on consultations with doctors, even for a period sleeping in the bed next to her in a mental hospital. (NC Cardinal)

  • This book describes why happiness is the precursor to greater success, and about what comes before both. Because before we can be happy or successful, we need to first develop the ability to see that positive change is possible. Only once we learn to see the world through a more positive lens can we summon all our motivation, emotion, and intelligence to achieve our personal and professional goals. (NC Cardinal)

AirGo Reading List  ›

Some texts discussed on AirGo
by AirGo Radio
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For Fans of Fangirl: YA Novels To Read After Rainbow Rowell's  ›

If you read Fangirl and loved it as much as I did, you'll need some new YA novels to fill the void. Here are ten with similar elements. And don't forget to post about Fangirl with Tumblr's Reblog book club at
by Riffle YA
10 books

THAT BBC List: The 100 Books Challenge  ›

The BBC estimates that most people will only read 6 of the following 100 books in their lifetime - so have YOU proved them wrong yet?!
by Riffle Classics
100 books

75 Notable Translations 2013  ›

The official list of the year's best translations from the editors at World Literature Today.
by World Literature Today
70 books

Lit That Turns Kids Into Life Long Readers  ›

All those books that make kids smile and ask for more: First readers and read aloud gems for ages 1-7.
by Murielle Cyr
63 books

True Story? 18 Memoirs Made into Movies   ›

Great memoir-to-movie adaptations - at least close to as good as the books!
by Riffle Memoir & Biography
18 books


Books for young adults and teens.
by Murielle Cyr
28 books

75 Notable Translations of 2014  ›

In our third annual list of “75 Notable Translations,” we again offer an admittedly incomplete collection of the year’s English translations. We hope you’ll both find some new to-reads and comment on those we’ve missed.
by World Literature Today
74 books