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Middle Grade Sports Fiction  ›

Middle grade novels at the Fayette County Library with a sports focus.
by Fayette County Public Library Children's Services
15 books

Recent SFF reads  ›

SFF recently read and liked
by Em Maxwell
8 books
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  • Is it age? Kay has always written paeans to past glories, but this one seemed a bit more melancholic than usual. As always, worth reading.

  • Despite the fact that it could use a little more rewriting and editing (a bit clunky) this book is worth buying and reading. Totally true to the spirit of the series, and charming despite its clunkiness, and I'd love a sequel!

  • Deserving of all awards!! Chinese martial arts movie fans rejoice!

  • Finally got around to Dandelion Dynasty is so good! If you have ever watched Chinese movies it will give you a good flavor. Worldbuilding at its best. This is book 2, different, still good.

  • I knew it would be good, just had to be an ok place to read it. Amazing. Pushed all the right buttons.

Manhattan Madame Series by Shayne McClendon  ›

The Manhattan Madame Series by Shayne McClendon. Meet the Manhattan Madame in Only You, a daughter of the mob, with great ideas.
by Jana Smith
2 books

The Quiet Series by Shayne McClendon  ›

The Quiet Series by Shayne McClendon, you've never read anything quite like this before.
by Jana Smith
4 books

Provident Equinox Review and Price Bangalore  ›

Provident Equinox is located in expansive suburbs off Mysore Road, Bangalore. This Locale has excellent social and physical infrastructure in place, coupled with significant green coverage.
by Provident Equinox Bangalore
2 books

Apartments Unique Features in Brigade El Dorado  ›

Brigade El Dorado is one of the brilliant, forthcoming residential tasks through the Brigade Group in bangalore. The assignment is positioned in one of the residential areas in the north bangalore, Aerospace Park, Bagalur Road
by Brigade Eldorado
1 books

My Books  ›

These are all of the books that I have published so far.
by Laura Kehoe
2 books