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Every economy is backed by the strong support of the commercial activity that takes place in its trade circles. New Zealand is no different. It is easiest to start a business here than in any other part of the world.
by Jozy Huma
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Science fiction  ›

That’s all there is
by Chris Bieze
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Fiction want to read
by Ingmar
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2019 Texas Lone Star Reading List  ›

The Lone Star Reading List encourages reading for pleasure and is aimed at students in grades 6 - 8.
by Chari Kauffman
19 books
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  • Action packed story with babysitters AND monsters! Who would have guessed those monsters under the bed are real? Read-a-likes: Killer Pizza, Max Helsing & the 13th Curse, Nightmares!

  • Story of a girl coming to grips with personal tragedy - and personal preferences. Read-a-likes: One True Way, Star Crossed, George

  • A young woman must save the life of the President's son in wintertime Alaska. Read-a-likes: I Am Still Alive, Hatchet, IQ Series.

  • Zane takes on the gods of Mayan mythology to keep his family, his town, and his dog safe. For all fans of Percy Jackson! Read-a-likes: The Lighting Thief, Aru Shah and the End of Time, The Serpent's Secret.

  • Six kids are at school when a bomb goes off - and one of them is the bomber. Read-a-likes: Don't Turn Around, This is Where it Ends, Hate List.

Books that explain postwar American politics  ›

This is a partial list of books about politics in post-World War II America that explain some of the developments, elections, and events that made American politics what they are today.
by MarkK
32 books

Complete collection of the work by Fredrick Backman   ›

From his novels to short stories, Fredrick Backman never seems to disappoint. If you love layered characters, interwoven and unpredictable plot lines, and books that make you feel something, pick up one of these books.
by Amber Stevens
7 books
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  • If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “Children are much smarter than we give them credit for,” you will love this book. The unique perspective of this precocious protagonist will make you shake your head with laughter and amazement. A beautiful story about a granddaughter getting to know her grandmother in a new way after she’s gone.

  • I didn’t like the character Britt-Marie in “My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry.” But this book made me LOVE HER, It was inspiring to see her find herself, embrace her strengths, and find the place she belongs.

  • I found myself falling in love with this grumpy old man. It’s funny, insightful, and deep. It shows how hard it is to get older; wanting to keep things the same, but they keep changing anyway. It helped me appreciate my own grandparents better.

  • This story is very personal to me. My grandfather was recently diagnosed with dementia and I’ve lost other family members to Alzheimers. I found this story really helpful to understand the disease from both perspectives.. It’s scary to see the person you love fading, but it really clicked when reading this book how much scarier and confusing it is for the patient. I’d recommend it to anyone this hits close to home to

  • First time reading a book the uses a town as a character. It’s brilliant! We both make up and are a biproduct of where we are from. The large cast of characters showcase the diversity and opposition in the smallest of communities. I loved the format, bouncing from character to character, and the omniscient narrator. Covering relevant #metoo topics from multiple perspectives. Showing how complex and important this is

Ten Favorite Miss Silver Novels  ›

Here are ten options from the Miss Silver series, by Patricia Wentworth. Some have alternate titles, depending on US or UK editions. I think these titles show variety of plot, and are a fairly decent representation of earliest to latest.
by Tigus
10 books

building permit procedure in dubai  ›

building permit procedure in dubai
by Dubai Approvals
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Animals - Penguins  ›

Books about penguins
by Julia
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Poetry  ›

Poetry books
by Julia
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