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Graphic novels/Comics  ›

Graphic novels and Comic books I want/need
by Julia
4 books

Foxes  ›

Books about foxes
by Julia
1 books

Arab-American and Asian-American Middle Grade Fiction  ›

Middle-grade novels at the Fayette County Public Library with Arab-American and Asian-American authors and characters.
by Fayette County Public Library Children's Services
21 books

Twenty Great Horror Novels  ›

All different types of scares from various eras, though maybe not so many vampires, as I have a separate list for those fangsters. warning: sometimes things get gross!
by Tigus
20 books

Girls a Little Funky and Spunky   ›

Fun to read fiction at Fayette County Public Library for fans of Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody.
by Fayette County Public Library Children's Services
27 books

Recent SFF reads  ›

SFF recently read and liked
by Em Maxwell
8 books
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  • Is it age? Kay has always written paeans to past glories, but this one seemed a bit more melancholic than usual. As always, worth reading.

  • Despite the fact that it could use a little more rewriting and editing (a bit clunky) this book is worth buying and reading. Totally true to the spirit of the series, and charming despite its clunkiness, and I'd love a sequel!

  • Deserving of all awards!! Chinese martial arts movie fans rejoice!

  • Finally got around to Dandelion Dynasty is so good! If you have ever watched Chinese movies it will give you a good flavor. Worldbuilding at its best. This is book 2, different, still good.

  • I knew it would be good, just had to be an ok place to read it. Amazing. Pushed all the right buttons.

Chapter Book Fiction About Kindness and Empathy  ›

This is a list of children's novels that focus on themes of kindness and empathy or promote understandings of diverse people.
by Fayette County Public Library Children's Services
6 books

Land of the Rising Sun Book Express - An HBC 2016 Challenge  ›

My History Book Club from Goodreads has challenged us to read 5 books set in or about Japan or written by Japanese authors. Here's my journey.
by Lynette
5 books
  • Set in post World War II Japan, I was struck by the difference in tone, from the alternative histories I have read. It contained just a handful of words that don't translate to English that sent me looking for a dictionary.

  • Otsuka uses an unorthodox writing style to tell the stories of a group of Japanese "mail order brides" that leave Japan for California around 1900. Their lives in California are hard. Many longed to return home when confronted with their husbands duplicity, but couldn't. They fit in neither world. Their stories end with their entrance to the internment camps of World War II.

  • In A Tale for the Time Being, Ruth Ozeki ties together the stories of a Japanese American author living in British Columbia and a Zen Buddhist nun who lives in a convent high in the mountains of Japan. Connecting them is the the story of the nun's great granddaughter, a California-raised Japanese teenager now adjusting to living to in Japan.

  • Kitchen follows a young woman through a traumatic time of her life losing both her grandmother and her surrogate mother. She finds solace in the kitchen which leads her to follow this passion in her professional life. When we first meet Mikage she is alone and adrift following the unexpected death of her grandmother when we leave her she is older, wiser, with a new "family" and following her passion for cooking.

  • Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata left me a little baffled. Set in one of the snowiest places of the world in Japan, it tells the story of geisha and her always returning companion from Tokyo. His many trips north all ran together leaving the story disjointed to the point that I had trouble following it at times. (first published on Goodreads)

Early readers  ›

Early readers books I want/need
by Julia
7 books