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Paranormal-Light  ›

The light and humorous side of Paranormal/Romantic Fantasy
by Terrie Griggs
12 books

Dreamy Dash to Dublin: 8 Books as Tour Guide  ›

Looking to squeeze in a last minute vacation this summer? Escape to Dublin in one of these novels!
by Riffle Sci-Fi/Fantasy
8 books
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  • In my opinion, one of the cleverest children's books of all time. Great for anyone who's wanted to be an evil genius (or raise one).

  • Bringing one of Ireland's oldest traditions, stories of the Fae, and entwining it with a modern murder mystery, Moning creates a darkly addictive novel.

  • Skulduggery Pleasant is back with the usual blend of magic, mayhem, and humor, squaring off against a new enemy and his plans to raise an army of the dead.

  • The epic tale of Brian Boru, who rises up to become king of Ireland, includes a little bit of everything: battles, romance, intrigue, mysticism, and a extra dose of Vikings.

  • The first book in the Riyria Chronicles is not technically set in Ireland, or any familiar country, but it feels like it. And it's the kind of fantasy/heist that you won't really mind.

Hard Sci-Fi 101: An Introduction  ›

A list for new readers of hard sci-fi.
by ScifiBuff
6 books
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  • The classic that gave us the Laws of Robotics. Science fiction meets science fact.

  • Astronauts land on Mars, deal with the harsh planet and a deadly virus.

  • Rebellion and revolution on a lunar penal colony.

  • A group of pilgrims seek answers to life's mysteries.

  • The planet is flooding. As major cities are wiped out in the flooding, people race to save what's left.