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European Public Health Association Conference 2018 (EPH2018) Reading List  ›

Get conference-ready with our key titles for this year's 11th European Public Health Conference (EPH2018), taking place 28 November - 1 December in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
by Oxford Academic
7 books
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  • Illness Narratives in Practice: Potentials and Challenges of Using Narratives in Health-related Contexts highlights the problems, challenges, and opportunities we face when using patient perspectives in practice and research in a clear format to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of this field.

  • Epidemiological Studies: A Practical Guide focuses on the practical challenges of epidemiological data collection. Essential topics, such as how to choose the population to study, how to maximize participation and retention, and how to frame questions so that subjects provide the information required, are the core of the material presented.

  • Drug Policy and the Public Good is a global source of information and inspiration for policymakers involved in public health and social welfare. Presenting new research on illicit and prescription drug use, it is also an essential tool for academics, and a significant contribution to the translation of addiction research into effective drug policy.

  • Fully revised and updated, this fourth edition of Oxford's Textbook of Global Health offers a critical examination of the array of societal factors that shape health within and across countries, including how health inequities create consequences that must be addressed by public health, international aid, and social and economic policy-making.

  • The new edition of Sleep, Health, and Society provides up-to-date information on recently discovered areas of sleep medicine. Fully updated to reflect new research and data, as well as additional new chapters exploring eating patterns, nutrition, pregnancy, cancer, pain, and CBT in relation to sleep.

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