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These are my straight-up classic novels, all the ones I like best.
by Julianna A
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Browse key titles ahead of this years IDWeek conference, taking place from October 2nd to 6th in Washington D.C. Please come visit us as the Oxford University Press booth (1101).
by Oxford Academic
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  • The CDC Yellow Book is the definitive reference work for travel medicine. It offers everything travelers and healthcare providers need to know for safe and healthy journeys abroad. Now updated for 2020, this new edition includes country specific risk guidelines, detailed maps showing the distribution of travel-related illnesses, and updated information on new and emerging diseases, including Zika and Ebola.

  • Expertly written and exceptionally practical, this book is the most comprehensive resource available on infection prevention across the spectrum of pediatric healthcare settings, including acute care hospitals, ambulatory practices, and long-term care facilities. It provides expert guidance on the nuances and challenges specific to pediatric infection prevention.

  • Assembled by the leading educational organization in HIV medicine, this book is an end-to-end clinical resource for the treatment of individuals with HIV/AIDS. It offers state-of-the-art practical advice for professionals working in the care of HIV patients. Newly revised and updated, this new edition features expanded coverage of emerging topics, including aging with HIV, and the pursuit of a cure.

  • This text is a new concept in providing a concise overview of the key topics in tropical medicine, using short notes, diagrams, maps, and tables to present the material in an accessible, engaging, memorable, and interesting way. Providing key information in bite-size chunks, it is a useful companion to more complicated texts and serves as an ideal learning and revision tool for students or trainees in infection.

  • The seventeenth edition of the pioneering work in HIV medicine. Edited by preeminent authorities in the field, this book is the definitive work for any professional working in the care of persons with HIV. Updated to reflect the most modern recent innovations in HIV prevention and therapy, this text balances old and new approaches to produce a guide to clinical management suitable for any setting.