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THAT BBC List: The 100 Books Challenge  ›

The BBC estimates that most people will only read 6 of the following 100 books in their lifetime - so have YOU proved them wrong yet?!
by Christa Guild
100 books

Baby Steps books and favorite board books to share.   ›

A gentle story time with stories, rhymes, songs and bounces. For ages 0-18 months. Also, a selection of favorite board books.
by chapterpaigeone
97 books

For the Disease Detective  ›

A look into the mysterious microscopic world
by Raquel Velazquez-Kronen
12 books

WLT's Summer 2017 Editors’ Picks  ›

WLT's editors and executive director provide summer reading recommendations based on the books they plan to read this summer.
by World Literature Today
16 books

Sociopolitical issues in 21st century America  ›

A broad collection of books providing scientific evidence and anecdotal stories of pressing and controversial social issues in America
by Raquel Velazquez-Kronen
14 books

Judging by the Cover  ›

Books I want to read because the covers look stunning.
by Elizabeth M. Nosal
12 books
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  • This emerald green does all the work.

  • This cover evokes the beach for me. And the huge font works well with the muted colors.

  • Lipstick isn't particularly original, I suppose, but that fantastic color and the way the image pops off the black background make ordinary lipstick something else.

  • So simple and yet gorgeous. I think it's a matter of scale, and how the blooms speak for themselves, taking up the whole cover.

  • Again, black makes the images pop. The crisp, modern feel appeals to me. I suspect the story inside has a brisk pace and a modern feel.

June 2017 Indie Next List  ›

20 "Inspired Recommendations from Indie Booksellers"
by Jennifer D.
20 books

Women in Science   ›

From Read it Forward - their list of 7 Novels of Women in Science
by Penny Kollar
7 books

Riffle Editor's Choice: Essential Horror Books for May 2017  ›

Check out these essential May 2017 releases.
by Riffle Horror
13 books
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  • "The White Road" by Sarah Lotz. Simon Newman seeks to save his website "Journey to the Dark Side" by indulging in dangerous adventures sure to gain clicks to his site. After a harrowing trip to the Cwm Pot caves, he decides to climb Mount Everest. However, when he finally reaches "the Death Zone" above the 8,000 foot mark, he discovers the truth behind a decades old tragedy that may spell his end.

  • "Mormama" by Kit Reed. Lane moves her son Theo, into her ancestor's crumbling home where her three widowed aunts live. However, they are not alone for in the basement is a squatter -- a man with no memory only the house address in his pocket and the long dead family matriarch Mormama who tries to warn Theo of the dangers of living in the house.

  • "The Only Child: A Novel" by Andrew Pyper. Dr. Lily Dominick is a New York forensic psychiatrist who has finally encountered a psychotic that stymies even her. Accused of a heinous crime, this inmate with no name claims to be over two hundred years old and the inspiration for the monsters written about by Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Robert Louis Stevenson -- and that he is Lily's father.

  • "Gwendy's Button Box" by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar. It is 1974 in Castle Rock, Maine and heavyset Gwendy finishes climbing a long staircase when a stranger named Richard Farris offers her a box with two levers and buttons on it. The levers give her chocolates which slim her down and add o her confidence...but what do the buttons do? It's doubtful they'll do anything good in this novella by King and Chizmar.

  • "Dark Cities" edited by Christopher Golden. Twenty authors contribute nineteen brand new tales of horror and dread in the big cities anywhere and everywhere. Here are terrors beyond the common tropes of vampires and werewolves -- here a monsters that lurk in the places every city dweller passes or spends time in. And not everyone in the big city will get out alive. . . .

Mother's Day Reading List  ›

Sunday is Mother's Day! In honor of mothers everywhere, check out these books on women who have shaped the world.
by Oxford Academic
12 books
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