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We're attending the ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in San Antonio, TX, from March 17 - 21. Explore our complete range of titles in clinical genetics and genomics and be sure to stop by our booth to purchase these titles and more at a 30% discount!
by Oxford Academic
18 books
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  • An essential resource for trainees and mid-career professionals, Advanced Genetic Counseling, is an overdue extension of the field's core curriculum. From navigating ethical dilemmas and potential conflicts of interest to confronting the biases and patterns of thought that can limit counselors' interactions with clients, it prepares readers to face the profession's most challenging aspects with confidence.

  • Richly illustrated and packed with pearls of practical wisdom from the authors' decades of practice, Genetic Consultations in the Newborn provides an essential and unmatched resource for navigating one of the most challenging areas of clinical practice. Comprising more than 60 chapters, this book facilitates fast, expert navigation from recognition to management in syndromes that manifest during the newborn period.

  • Both practical and pertinent, Oxford Desk Reference Clinical Genetics and Genomics is the companion you need by your side during clinical consultations. The second edition is an eagerly anticipated update of the gold standard in the specialty. It covers new developments in the field, particularly the advent of genome-wide sequencing and major updates in cancer. A must-have tool for clinical consultations in genetics.

  • Chromosome Abnormalities and Genetic Counseling is the genetics professional's definitive guide to navigating both chromosome disorders and the clinical questions of the families they impact. Completely updated and still infused with the warmth and voice that have made it essential reading for professionals across medical genetics, this edition represents a leap forward in clinical understanding and communication.

  • Comprising 31 clinical protocols from the world's foremost clinical geneticists, Signs and Symptoms of Genetic Conditions provides a practical manual for the diagnosis and management of common human genetic conditions based on their presenting signs and/or symptoms. Each chapter examines a specific clinical finding and leads the user through a step-by-step approach to a differential diagnosis.

Brain Awareness: Dementia and Cognitive Impairment  ›

This March marks the 25th anniversary of Brain Awareness Week and we’ll be celebrating by sharing useful information, books, and resources from across the OUP publishing catalogue.
by Oxford Academic
12 books

Brain Awareness: Understanding Consciousness  ›

Consciousness, "the last great mystery for science," remains a hot topic. How can a physical brain create our experience of the world?
by Oxford Academic
12 books

Healing Crystals & Energy Clearing  ›

The power of nature and subtle energies.
by Chanelle Rene
4 books