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25 Essential Historical Novels Set In New York City  ›

Fantastic historical fiction novels, from a number of genres, written in the past 100 years, using New York City as a backdrop
by The Bowery Boys
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Oxford University Press: 10 Academic Books That Changed The World  ›

In celebration of University Press Week and Academic Book Week, we've pulled together a selection of our field-changing publishing. #ReadUP #AcBookWeek
by Oxford Academic
10 books
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  • Peter Atkins' incorporation of pioneering pedagogical tools in the first edition of this book (1978) changed the way physical chemistry was taught, setting a new standard for educational texts in the chemical sciences. Nearly 40 years and ten editions of continual innovation later, the book remains unchallenged as the global leader in physical chemistry teaching. (Sarah Broadley, Marketing Manager, Higher Education)

  • You’ve heard of it, and the poverty traps, and what might be done to help the poorest countries, those falling behind and falling apart. However, are we still talking about countries or about the poorest people, wherever they are around the world? This is the book that helped to focus our thinking. (Adam Swallow, Commissioning Editor, Economics and Finance)

  • Winner of the Wolfson Prize for History 2005, this is history on a breathtaking scale. Integrating documentary analysis with the latest archaeological research, Chris Wickham sets out a new comparative framework for understanding social and economic change across almost all the regions of the post-Roman world, from Denmark to Egypt. (Robert Faber, Senior Commissioning Editor, History)

  • The main purpose of development is to spread freedom and its 'thousand charms' to the unfree citizens of the world imprisoned in one way or another by economic poverty, social deprivation, political tyranny, or cultural authoritarianism. This book, which has sold over 70,000 copies, may be the key to information to unlock their chains. (Adam Swallow, Commissioning Editor, Economics and Finance)

  • Starting life as handwritten notes by two junior doctors over 30 years ago, this book revolutionised the way students learn the practice of medicine, to become the peerless classic in the field it is today. Affectionately known as the ‘cheese and onion’, it has sold well over a million copies, and packs a huge amount of practical information into a portable format. (Elizabeth Reeve, Senior Commissioning Editor)