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Book Alikes, Part 1  ›

Book covers with identical or very, very similar designs.
by Jennifer D.
428 books

Book Alikes, Part 2  ›

Book covers with identical or very, very similar designs.
by Jennifer D.
235 books

Thursday Night Book Group  ›

Library monthly book group titles since 2008
by Mock Turtle
101 books

29th Annual Lambda Literary Award Finalists  ›

Now in their twenty-ninth year, the Lambda Literary Awards celebrate achievement in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer writing for books published in 2016.
by Saritza Hernandez
136 books

Contemporary Irish Novels  ›

30 Novels Set in Ireland, by Irish Writers
by Jennifer D.
30 books

International Women's Day - A Reading List  ›

A collection of fantastic reads from some of the world's greatest female writers
by Jennifer D.
72 books

My 2017 Bookshelf  ›

Books I have read in 2017
by Timothy Paulson
23 books

Blizzard Books  ›

With a huge snowstorm about to hit the northeastern United States, a list of weather-appropriate books to cozy up with in winter.
by Jennifer D.
45 books

A Crash Course in the History of Black Science Fiction  ›

42 Black Science Fiction Works Important to Understanding Its History
by Jennifer D.
42 books
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  • This is often cited as the first African American science fiction novel, though the author lived in England at the time it was published. It’s about a slave revolt, with hints at the Utopia that may follow.

  • “The Goophered Grapevine” This was the author’s first short story, and the first story by a black writer to appear in the prestigious glossy magazine The Atlantic. Heavily laden with “eye dialect” (stylized and phoneticized depictions of nonstandard speech), it’s one of Chesnutt’s popular “Uncle Julius” tales, which were collected in 1899’s The Conjure Woman. (F)

  • A rousing adventure along the lines of H. Rider Haggard’s She and King Solomon’s Mines, Hopkins’s serialized lost race narrative takes readers from a sleety Boston campus to a Libyan desert’s “rosary of oases.” Medical student Reuel Briggs discovers he’s the descendant of divine African kings, destined to rule the faithful inhabitants of “Hidden City” with the aid of a priestly hypnotist. (F)

  • In the post-apocalyptic New York created by the devastating toxic gases a crashing comet unleashes, a black man has a close encounter with the only other survivor, a wealthy white woman. This unabashedly science fictional scenario is deftly handled by, yes, that Du Bois, the influential black thinker best known for his philosophic analyses of U.S. race relations. It was reprinted in Dark Matter 1.

  • Like his first novel, The Palm Wine Drinkard, this collection of related stories deals with the mythic realm of Yoruba-based cosmologies. Unlike that book, its young protagonist enters this realm unwillingly. The stories appear non-sequentially, emphasizing the disjointed outlook resulting from his strange experiences. (F)

Winter / Spring 2017 - Independent Booksellers' Debut Picks of the Season  ›

An early-2017 preview of promising debut books, compiled by Independent US booksellers.
by Jennifer D.
20 books
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