Miley Spare Us: 9 Child Stars Who Went Off the Deep End


Remember when she was just so innocent and cute? Now she's twerking stoner Care Bears on stage with no clothes on. If you weren't watching the Video Music Awards this year - and good call, by the way - you missed quite a show. One-time Disney darling Miley Cyrus decided to have her coming-of-age performance, like many child stars do, where she proved the little girl we knew and loved had become a strong, sexy, self-actualized woman - yeah, sure. But after a performance that left even Rihanna looking disgusted (which involved fast-and-furious grinding, a lot of tongue, and the aggressive abuse of a foam-finger), it's safe to say that she's gone off the deep end.

And she's definitely not alone out there. The list of promising young stars who have stumbled through substance abuse, arrests, sex scandals, on-stage fiascos and worse is even longer than Miley's performance felt.

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-By Max Minckler, @maxminckler