Oh, The Books That I've Written!


Books That I've Authored

  • Terminal Beginning

  • Photographic Memory

  • Not On The List

  • Last Rights

  • A Twist of Fate

  • Guerrilla Business

  • Guerrilla Business 2.0

  • The Battery Man

  • Deeper

  • The Meaning of Light

  • Secret Rockford

  • Rockford Writes

  • Forest City Stories: A Collection of Fiction & Non-Fiction by Rockford Authors

  • Dark Dreams and Weird Worlds: A Collection of Science Fiction and Horror Stories

  • Spooky Rockford: Creepy Tales in the Greater Forest City Area

  • Life Blood: A Collection of Vampire Tales

  • Interstellar Journeys: A Collection of Space Travel Stories

  • Temporal Journeys: A Collection of Time Travel Stories

  • Dave's Not Here