Twenty Great Horror Novels


All different types of scares from various eras, though maybe not so many vampires, as I have a separate list for those fangsters. warning: sometimes things get gross!

  • Nazareth Hill

  • The Revelation

  • The Tommyknockers

  • Melmoth the Wanderer (Oxford World's Classics)

  • Lowland Rider

  • House Next Door

  • Harvest Home: A Novel

  • Compulsion by Shaun Hutson (2002-08-09)

  • Rosemary's Baby: A Novel (50th Anniversary Edition)

  • The Wandering Jew: A Novel

  • Watchers

  • From Below

  • The Auctioneer

  • The Pack

  • The God Project: A Novel

  • Dark Winds

  • The Kill Riff

  • The Werewolf of Paris

  • The Exorcist: 40th Anniversary Edition

  • Darklings