Hidden Monsters: The Terror You Can't Resist


They live among us, and our books. Not werewolves. Not vampires.

Human beings with deep-seated darkness and the inclination to commit twisted and disturbing crimes. But what is it about them that so fascinates us, including writers and readers? It could be because they're outliers, those on the fringes of society, and their differences intrigue us. Some of us fantasize about our worst fears and anxieties and fiction recreates those fears in a safe environment. We can read and watch the murderous (but likable) Dexter Morgan from afar, without fearing for ourselves or our families. From a recent Psychology Today cover on sociopaths, to popular television shows like Showtime's Dexter, to last summer's rave bestselling thriller, Gone Girl, we're clearly enamored. Why do you think these monstrous characters are so popular?

Click through below to find out more about who these monsters are and what twisted and chilling things they've done.