2018 Reads


Books read in 2018

  • The Long Drop: A Novel

  • False Witness: A Novel (Detective Cooper Devereaux)

  • The Girl From Blind River: A Novel

  • How It Happened

  • The Way I Die: A Novel

  • The Undertaker's Daughter

  • Give Me Your Hand

  • The Disappearing: A Novel

  • Jar of Hearts

  • The Fairfax Incident

  • A Noise Downstairs: A Novel

  • The Killing Habit: A Tom Thorne Novel

  • Pieces of Her: A Novel: 18

  • The Retreat

  • Too Close to Breathe: A Novel

  • The Ruin: A Novel

  • Go to My Grave

  • Sweet Little Lies: The Number One Bestseller

  • Thirteen: The serial killer isn't on trial. He's on the jury

  • Trust Me