happy booktober!


'Tis the season for spooky books, and I've already made several lists paying tribute to the spirit of Halloween, but they've been more specialized - focused on haunted houses, creepy dolls, various types of undead, etc. This list is more of a nightmare potpourri of horror, dark fantasy, and psychological suspense. There are Gothic ghosties drifting through fog-shrouded houses, post-apocalyptic cannibals just trying to get by, and all the terrors lurking in nature's dark pockets.

If you are interested in books about creepy clowns, great! There's a list for that. But if you're not sure what you want to scare you right now, here are many options - supernatural or not-supernatural, tame and traditional or knee-deep in blood, and even some short story anthologies if you prefer your horror and your Kit Kats "fun-sized."

Enjoy your reading and - wait, what's that noise??

  • New Fears - New horror stories by masters of the genre

  • The Watcher: A Novel


  • The Visitors

  • FantasticLand: A Novel

  • The Dark Net

  • Abigale Hall: A Novel

  • The Bone Mother

  • The Father Of Flesh

  • Loney

  • Sip

  • The Twenty Days of Turin: A Novel

  • Into the Drowning Deep

  • Mormama

  • The Girl from Rawblood: A Novel

  • The Changeling: A Novel

  • The White Road

  • Under Ground

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things: A Book Club Recommendation!

  • Feral