The World of PC Peter Grant


Note that this series is sometimes referred to as The Rivers of London series, The Peter Grant series and the name I've chosen The PC Peter Grant series. The comic book series published by Titan books is definitely called The River of London series.

Probationary Constable Peter Grant has completed his probationary period but unlike his mate Lesley May who is considered an exceptional police officer and would have a pick of jobs at the end of probation but Peter is often distracted and considered only for a job doing paperwork.

Then he encounters a ghost who has information about a murder and Peter's life changes. Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale takes Peter into his department (usually called The Folly) and into practice as the first British wizard apprentice in 70 years.

The Folly handles all police matters which involve magic or the supernatural -- something which had been diminishing since the end of World War II but lately appears to be on the rise.

This is one of the most popular paranormal series with horror overtones currently being written.


For a read alike, I would suggest taking a look at the following book lists: The World of the Dresden Files is about an American wizard who runs a one man detective agency.

Also, check out The World of Felix Castor Felix lives in London, as does Peter Grant, and his business of exorcising ghosts often requires detective skills. Neither series has the trappings of a police procedural that Peter's series does, but both men sometimes work with and/or run afoul of the law.

Paul Cornell writes the Shadow Police Series. Detective Inspector Quill, two undercover cops Costain and Sefton and an intelligence analyst Ross gain the sight -- the ability to see the supernatural of London which may help them solve the paranormal crimes of London. London Falling is the first book.

Less supernatural but still in the paranormal police procedural category is Alex Hughes' Mindspace Investigations Series. The protagonist is a powerful telepath and former drug addict who works for the police as an interrogator and advisor when cases involve other psychics. The first book in this series is Clean.

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This book list is a work in progress. Check back occasionally for more updates. Published 9/13/2017.


-- Gregory Fisher, Riffle Horror Editor and Undead Rat