Further reading for fans of Molly's Game


Molly's Game is a memoir written by a woman who went from being a cocktail waitress to running an exclusive, but illegal, high-stakes underground poker enterprise and coming into conflict with entitled celebrities, mob bosses, and the FBI. It's one of those off-kilter American dream stories where an outsider takes initiative and enjoys success in a big glitzy celebrity-gossip-filled way and the criminal aspect just makes them that much more appealing. We do romanticize our outlaw figures.

Nonfiction book lists, even for highly narrative nonfiction like memoirs, tend to be closer to readarounds than readalikes, and this list is no different. It identifies some of the most prominent elements of the book: poker, gambling, crime, secrecy, fringe people, etc., and provides thematic matches for readers interested in exploring these topics from different angles or perspectives.

This is my hand, you tell me if I won.

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