Ready for more books, player one?



There have already been a million readalike lists created around Ready Player One, so it may be overkill to add another one to the pile. But I do like a challenge, and the good news is that being aware of how many lists exist means that I've also consulted those lists in order to limit overlap as much as possible in my own and as a result, what follows may be the only RPO-readalike list either bold or foolish enough to not include a single title by Neal Stephenson.

Fortunately, books like Ready Player One contain multitudes, blending genres and including a number of appealing elements, so there are many possible reasons a reader might respond to them, and as many branches upon which to hang a readalike list. RPO, for example, is a fun and funny coming of age quest/puzzle-based story set in the escapist virtual world of a dystopian future with a heavy dose of 1980’s nostalgia that includes a little romance, a little mystery, and a lot of gamer identity. I’ve lost count of how many reasons that is to like it, but it's a lot. Surely enough to support one million and one readalike lists.

So! Here are 10 adult fiction/SF titles for fans of Ready Player One, with my apologies to Mr. Stephenson and all of his cyberpunk friends for excluding them.