Vampire books that don't suck


Along with zombies, vampires are the bread and butter fattening up the horror industry, so making a vampire list is both very easy and very difficult. I don't try to be all obscure when I curate these lists, but i also don't want to make a list that is so basic that it's completely valueless because duh, Dracula. To that end, the titles I have selected emphasize diversity and strong atmosphere, and while there are a few obvious choices, I think there are some excellent books here about those charismatic bloodsuckers that will be new to many and are well worth inviting into your homes.

And yeah, i included Bunnicula. My list, my rules.

  • Burden Kansas

  • A Small Charred Face (1)

  • In the Valley of the Sun: A Novel

  • Certain Dark Things: A Novel

  • The Stress of Her Regard

  • Enter, Night

  • Suffer the Children

  • Sundays with Vlad: From Pennsylvania to Transylvania, One Man's Quest to Live in the World of the Undead

  • Vlad

  • The Gilda Stories: Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition

  • Blood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting Edge

  • The Moth Diaries: A Novel

  • Children of the Night

  • Draculas: A Novel of Terror

  • The Passage: A Novel (Book One of The Passage Trilogy)

  • The Quick: A Novel

  • By Blood We Live

  • The Truants

  • A Love Like Blood: A Novel

  • Some of Your Blood