10 Books for Outlander Enthusiasts


The Outlander series is one of those genre-busters that blends elements of romance, science fiction, and historical fiction into something altogether new. A romance novel for people who don't typically read romance, it appeals to a wide spectrum of readers, both male and female, and has even spun off into a popular television series.

Because it's made up of such disparate elements, finding a "perfect match" readalike is tricky. What's a readalike for a platypus, after all? But if you take the portions of the whole, identifying the aspects of Outlander to which readers are drawn, you can make some useful suggestions, even if they don't check every single box.

So, with that in mind, here is a list of historical fiction, Scottish romance novels, time travel love stories, and other books that would be excellent diversions while you're waiting for the next season of Outlander to air. Because you've already read all the Outlander books, right? If you haven't, my job is very easily done. If you have, check out this list and tell me what you think.