Riffle Editor's Choice: Essential Picture Books for May 2015


The flowers are finally in bloom, and Riffle's got some new books to share with you!

First up we've got Interstellar Cinderella. Yeah I know, twists on Cinderella have been done before, but I loved how this version turned the classic story into a steampunk outerspace adventure. Described as "Cinder for the picture book crowd," our Cinderella has a knack for spaceship repair, her prince is stranded in a busted vehicle, and she'll need a fairy godrobot to assist in order to save the day!

Though school is almost out, we've got a couple of school-set stories this month. Stella Brings The Family asks the question: what do you do on Mother's Day if you have two dads? Stella's diverse classmates are very astute in identifying that the people who care for you like a mom count as your mom - whether they be dads or aunts or cousins! A refreshing looks at families for a wide-release book!

The second school book is Ally-Saurus & The First Day of School, which features a young girl who loves dinosaurs coming face-to-face with the fact that not everyone loves the things she loves. But sometimes people don't have to have the exact same interests as you to get along! Great for any kid who has imagined being something else.

Spy Guy is a witty and amusing tale of a kid trying to be a spy as good as his dad... I mean Chief. But he just can't get the hang of it! Perhaps the key to being a great spy is less about skill and more about something universal. Good for the spy kids in your lives, and a sweet introduction to spy stories in general!

In Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes, Daisy, like many kids, feels her parents never listen to her. And in her case she's kind of right, because when a bright purple rhinoceros barges into the kitchen, no one but her seems to notice! Will her parents ever listen? And if not them, who will? Perhaps, the rhino? This is a fun book for kids and parents, and might get families talking about how to listen to each other.

Happy reading, all!

  • Interstellar Cinderella: (Princess Books for Kids, Books about Science)

  • Stella Brings the Family

  • Ally-saurus & the First Day of School

  • Spy Guy: The Not-So-Secret Agent

  • Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes