All About April: New SFF Releases for April 2015


New SFF releases for April 2015

  • Darth Vader and Friends (Star Wars)

  • Lords of the Sith: Star Wars

  • Shadowrun Lockdown

  • Freeport The City of Adventure *OP (Pathfinder for the Roleplaying Game)

  • Dr Who Eighth Doctor Sourcebook

  • United Nations Frontier Service 3: The Fleet goes out

  • United Nations Frontier Service 1: The Story of Mars Colony

  • No Time for Rules

  • Cold Cut to Xentia

  • Poseidon's Wake

  • Millennium Stone

  • Take Flight

  • A Second Coming and Other Stories

  • The God Thought

  • Gathering Tempest: Nephilim Trilogy, Book 2

  • Hollywood Presents Jules Verne: The Father of Science Fiction on Screen (Screen Classics)

  • Tammy And The Rescuers: A Hidden World

  • Evil in the Heart of Man: Ghana the War Chief

  • Dream: A Call to the kNight

  • The Biohazard: Probing the Truth & The Art of Deception