The Magic of Reading: 23 Children's Books That Celebrate Being Bookish



We peruse the shelves (or the internet), take one into our hands. We flip the pages. We fall in love with the look, the feel of it. We take it home, sink into a chair, and dive right in. We dog-ear, bookmark, mark up, and otherwise love the heck out of it. And when we are done, we lean back and let our minds drift back to the world we just came from, before closing the book for good...until the next time, that is. These are the simple joys of being a reader, a lover of books.

And it is so important to instill that love from a young age! To have a book that is about books, or that has a protagonist who unapologetically loves books as much as you do, is one of the most thrilling experiences for a young (or old) reader to have! So here are 23 works for ages 1-100 that capture what is so magical about reading.