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I have appreciated a lot of 'fringe' genres intersecting with the Horror genre, and on occasion the line is not necessarily blurred but rather obtuse and difficult to find! Laughs with mirth. I have always appreciated a well-writ Southern Gothic OR straight-up work of Gothic Literature itself. I appreciate Romances with a touch & a dash of paranormal elements interlaced into the texture of the story, yet I'm not a diehard appreciator of PNR : Paranormal Romance; at least not the Adult side of it; preference is for YA. I haven't quite found a 'vampire' novel I can sink my teeth into nor can I dismiss the notion of being interested in a story-line if feel I have found an author I can appreciate.

I'm new to the idea of 'shifters' (shape shifters), as I fell helplessly for a hawk in the Leland Dragon series (Reclamation by Jackie Gamber, Book 3) and then came across another shifter during a book blogosphere event I still ache to settle inside: "A Beauty so Beastly" by RaShelle Workman via #EuphorYA! In this particular story there is a new species being presented: a werecat! Now imagine my delight as previously I already dismissed the idea of being able to find a 'werewolf' story I could soak inside, but a 'werecat'!? Ooh, blessedly that Excerpt gave me such a wonderful glimpse into the story I literally ached to turn the page!

(Visit: http://annasilverauthor.blogspot.com/2014/06/euphorya-guest-post-rashelle-workman)

Here's what I said afterwards:

Such a unique perspective of a premise! I admit, I love science fiction & fantasy, but I have not read anything quite like this before! I like how its out of the box and clearly outside what I'd normally read and yet, it holds your attention. I did not even realise there were 'werecats'!? I love cats! And, with werewolves, I just never found the right story to sink my teeth into because I never could find a world-building with elements that appealed to me. This blog hop changed my opinion that the road towards an author's writing & voice with a werewolf or were-species was nearly impossible to find! I am going to see if I can find this through my library, because it is definitely now of interest to continue to see what becomes of the family of werecats who jumped through a portal and had to live as humans!

I love the emotional arc leading into where the excerpt stopped!

This is an on-going list of next reads which do not quite fit into "Horror" but are not completely outside the scope of "Paranormal" nor are they particularly "Science Fiction" or "Fantasy". They are uniquely either a genre-bender (my happiest of finds) OR they curtail being placed in a specific genre as their story can be placed in more than one. I will be adding books as I participate in the event this year, before creating a curated list for 2015!

I am most definitely not interested in: ZOMBIES, Werewolves, or other such Monsters typically found in Horror & Paranormal stories. Authors & Stories I already took a pass on include: "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman; anything by R.L. Stine or Stephen King*; not keen on Stephanie Meyers or Cassandra Clare. My joy of reading Dean Koontz expired a few decades ago after I read "Mr. Murder"; shocking to the bone if your a writer! I'm not into brash language, explicit violence, overtly dark undertones, or anything a Sith Lord might consider good folly to read.

I like the cosier side of everything, not just limited to my fondness for mysteries!
*I do have a few of King's books on my Classics TBR List which are the exception

I added a few books I have already read which count as well:
"The Ghost Bride" by Yangsze Choo
"The Angel of Losses" by Stephanie Feldman

Started: 13 September, 2014
Horror October Event: 18th October through Halloween
Featured Book Review on JorieLovesAStory.com: "The Ripper's Wife" by Brandy Purdy
Finished: Halloween, 2014

  • Aunt Dimity's Death (Aunt Dimity Mystery)

  • Sinking Down

  • The Woman in Black: A Ghost Story

  • The Haunting of Hill House (Penguin Classics)

  • The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton

  • The Historian

  • Help for the Haunted: A Novel (P.S.)

  • Rebecca

  • The Angel of Losses: A Novel

  • The Ghost Bride: A Novel (P.S.)

  • The Door through Washington Square

  • Carolina Reckoning

  • The Winter Sea

  • The Accursed: A Novel

  • The Beekeeper's Apprentice: or, On the Segregation of the Queen (A Mary Russell Mystery)

  • The Distant Hours

  • The Visitors

  • The Ripper's Wife

  • Somewhere Beyond the Sea

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