What’s your favorite method of procrastination?

Drinking beer. Watching birds in trees. Research. Delighting myself with new ideas I won't ever get round to writing.

Describe your writing routine: any quirks or superstitions?

If you took away my Freedom app I think my professional life might come crashing down about my head. In terms of novel-writing process, hmmn, I like to prime the pump a little--futz with a sentence or two--and then go eat something (eat a lot) before turning off teh intarwebz, cranking up the music, and diving in.

What's your latest obsession?

Trying to keep up with inter-library loans! After a multi-year pause--I've discovered that while actually writing a novel research not only delays the work but endangers it; it makes me uncertain--I've just gone totally berserk and ordered countless academic texts I've had my eye on for a while. Sadly, ILL doesn't allow loan renewal, so the books are piling up and time is running out. And still I see something in The Medieval Review and think, "Well, now, that looks interesting..."

What line or quote from literature do you know by heart?

My current favorite is from Tolkien: "It's not natural, and trouble will come of it…" (Every time I look at the teetering ILL pile.) Another is "O ye of little faith!" (Which I usually use in place of Watch me in response to those who tell me You can't do that!)

Which author or book do you find most intimidating?

Intimidating? I'm drawing a blank. Boring, oh yep. Tedious, most definitely. Too heavy to carry, less often now that I can read digital files. Life's too short to spend any of it dithering. I either want to read something or I don't. If it's brilliant, I'm delighted; I learn from it. If it's crap I stop reading.

What is your favorite place you have traveled?

Whitby. Hands down. It's where I learnt of Hild, where it all began. Also, it moves me, every time.

  • Hild: A Novel (The Light of the World Trilogy)