Riffle Backstory: Q&A with Memoirist Grace Peterson


Memoirist and blogger Grace Peterson delves into her writing life and remarkable personal story from childhood abuse to Hawaiian adventures to "Luciferian doctrines, and New World Order conspiracies" in Reaching.

What's your latest obsession? Literary or otherwise?

In addition to being a word-nerd, I’m a gardener aka plant fanatic, hort-a-holic, leaf-lover and flower-fanatic. When the weather is decent, I’m in my backyard foolishly trying to tame Mother Nature.

What's your greatest fear as a writer?

I think every writer strives to be unique and useful. My biggest fear is that my work will be so common that nobody will give a hoot. Or that it will be so cliche as to appear plagiarized, thereby making me infamous instead of noteworthy. I never want to my writing to become mindless droning that mutes my voice and the significance of my message. So I’ll stop droning now.

Which literary (or film) character are you passionately in love with? Which is your nemesis? Your best friend?

Um, anything with George Clooney. Seriously, as a memoir writer, my reading genre of choice is also memoir. I have to say I developed a bit of a crush on Mikal Gilmore while reading his memoir Shot In The Heart. As you may recall, his brother was Gary Gilmore the serial killer. With the messed up childhood those boys endured, the fact that Mikal stayed on the abiding side of the law is a testament to his character. His book was riveting. My nemesis was (and is) Peter Curran, the creepy pedophile who lures and brainwashes Margaux Fragoso in her spellbinding memoir Tiger, Tiger. Creep!

What is that one book that has been on your to-read list for a long time, but you just haven't gotten around to reading?

Um, hello? I have 70+ books in my queue. There is never enough time.

What's your favorite method of procrastination?

The garden or when it’s raining, Facebook. What a brilliant idea from the mind of that nerd-turned-billionaire.