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Carina Turchioe ›

I enjoy constant change and movement, but the study of languages and other means of human expression has been a steady, lifelong love.

Kate Orgera ›

I'm a native New Yorker (well, Long Islander) and recent graduate in creative writing, I work in the Managing Editorial department at Bloomsbury Children's. Outside of reading and writing, I also enjoy blogging about literature and media, web surfing, doodling, singing show tunes, and drinking lots of tea.

Kate Hutchings ›

Freelance writer making the move from the UK to NYC. I want to live in an Austen novel, but suspect more and more that I'm in a Beckett play.

Sam Riedel ›

Comics/Graphic Novels
Freelance writer, editor, and sometime poet in Brooklyn. I've loved comics since I was old enough to read, so whether you love superhero books from last century or Japanese manga from last week, I'm excited to share the best graphic stories in the world with you.

Aruna D'Souza ›

I write books and read them, too. I'm the Editorial Director at Riffle, and I run Riffle Features, a site with author interviews, book reviews, and other great bookish stuff.

Janelle Ludowise ›

Writer, reviewer, and reader, I'm a former English major and read whatever I can get my hands on, though fiction is what I love the most! My ideal day involves curling up someplace warm with a good book and a hot cup of tea.

Jeremy Tescher ›

Brooklyn born, bred, based. M.A. in Old Books. Formerly a salesman, marketer, number-cruncher for Penguin and Oxford UP. Currently a hall monitor at The Brooklyner. Author of a joke published by McSweeney's on 1/11/11. Really.

Nina Boutsikaris ›

Freelance writer, publicist, and amateur ukulele player living in NYC. I adore sustainable food, beautiful design, and classy DIY.

Gregory Fisher ›

My specialty is horror. I also read thrillers, comics, noir, SF, and fantasy. I love making book lists and helping people find a good book.

Max Minckler ›

Publishing professional, unprofessional poet, and recovering jazzist. I’ve globetrotted the long way from USA to UK and back, digging always for the next great voice in my head.

Alice Fan ›

Middle Grade
Scribbler of stories, bookish blogger, casual karaoke-singer. Pop culture junkie, California-born and raised. Geek girl. Ravenclaw. When I'm not reading or writing, you'll find me indulging my wanderlust or frolicking with my dog Loki. And I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.

Becky Vinter ›

Publishing professional and erstwhile yoga teacher living in Brooklyn. I love finding beauty in the unexpected and all things good for the body, mind and soul.

Marya Pasciuto ›

I'm an aspiring editor and college student bouncing between home in Boston and school in New York, and I bring an illogical number of books every time I move. I love stories that take me to new places and make me think.

Chelsea Fought ›

New Adult
As a native Ohioan, I’m a recent NYC transplant pursuing a career in childrens and young adult publishing. When I’m not reading I’m most likely writing, designing, marathoning on Netflix, or doing all of these things at once.

Clare McBride ›

Pop Culture
Book blogger, sf fanatic, and all-purpose pop culture critic. Georgia raised, Brooklyn based, pursuing a career in publishing.

Erica Bauman ›

NY-based writer, 2012 NaNoWriMo winner, and editorial assistant. My work has been published in literary magazines and anthologies.

Krystal Sital ›

World Literature
A lover of all things literary with a propensity for memoir and a Caribbean islander to the core, I review, read, write.

Charlee Vale ›

Young Adult
I'm an intern at a literary agency, bookseller, blogger, team member at RED Creative Design, among other things. When I'm not reading and reviewing, I can be found doing fun photoshoots, binging on Netflix, and hanging out with NYC book friends. Also, I loves tea.

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