When I began the hunt, I didn’t know I’d find her. Confined to a hospital with a rare chromosomal disorder, my little brother began sending me on scavenger hunts to uncover the world for him when we were kids. When one of his quests brings me to a greasy Connecticut diner, my life is completely altered. Caitlyn, the gorgeous prince-slaying waitress, turns down my indecent proposal and ignites my need to conquer her at all costs. With a reputation for being a ruthless billionaire womanizer, I can’t fault her assumptions. But now I’m on my own quest... to tame my unbridled passions long enough to get this little waitress, artist, and humanitarian into my bed. As I lay bare my soul to capture her heart, I wonder...am I bringing the world to my brother or is he giving life to me? *** This is a Full-Length STANDALONE billionaire romance novel with an HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER. ***

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