Didn't Get Frazzled

David Z Hirsch


Kathy Pooler

over 1 year ago

As a retired Nursing Practitioner with forty-four years in the health care field, I am drawn to stories of medical professionals in the making. Didn’t Get Frazzled by David Z. Hirsch stands out as an entertaining, enlightening and realistic portrayal of the grueling path one must take to earn their standing as a competent professional.

The main character, Seth and his band of cohorts are medical students enduring the trials and tribulations of medical school while also trying to manage the intricacies of their love lives. Hirsch has a distinctive voice, raw, real and at times hilarious. There were times I laughed out loud. But there were also times, when I felt the gravity of the situation as life and death hung in the balance. His characters were believable and multidimensional. They came alive on the page and added a deeper dimension to the stressors endured in the path to becoming a doctor.

The story flows at a steady pace through various clinical scenarios, some funny, some sad to the roller coaster ride of twenty-something relationship issues. Back in the day, I dated a medical student so I could relate to the complexities.

Through out it all, Seth reigns as the hero, often showing better clinical judgment than the person mentoring him, whether it be an attending or an intern. In that regard, the story lives up to it title, Didn’t Get Frazzled. I’d like to think that any doctor I entrust my care to would have done the same.

This story is a vivid glimpse into the life of a medical student. I highly recommend this engaging and enjoyable read.