Read the novel The New York Times named “[a] perfectly orchestrated girl‐who‐cried‐wolf thriller.” “Could be the next Gone Girl success story.”—Independent (UK) Reader beware: You'll think you know what's happening, and you'll think you see what's coming next� But you'll be very, very wrong.  Fifteen‐year‐old Yasmin Doner is a social misfit�obese, obsessive and deemed a freak by her peers at school. With her father dead and her mother in a new relationship, Yasmin yearns for a sense of belonging, finding comfort only in food and the fantasy of being close to Alice Taylor, a girl at school. Yasmin will do anything to become friends with pretty and popular Alice�even if Alice, like everyone else, thinks she's a freak.  When Yasmin notices a sinister‐looking man watching Alice from the school fence, she sees a way of finally winning Alice's affection�because how this stranger is staring is far more than just looking, it's wanting. Because this stranger, Yasmin believes, is going to take Alice. Yasmin decides to find out more about this man so that when he does take Alice, Yasmin will be the only one who knows his name and where he lives�the only one who can save her.   But as Yasmin discovers more about him, her affections begin to shift. Perhaps she was wrong about him. Perhaps she doesn't need Alice after all.  And then Alice vanishes.

MIRA 304 pages

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