The Kidnap Plot (The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie)

Dave Butler

"When Charlie's father, an inventor and clockmaker, is kidnapped it's up to Charlie to rescue him. As Charlie searches for his dad, he meets an ecclectic cast of characters in London's back alleys, including trolls and pixies, some of whom join him on his quest. Action packed and full of adventure, The Kidnap Plot is the start of an exciting new fantasy series. " - Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor Meet Charlie. He lives a quiet life with his protective father, an inventor and clockmaker.   When Charlie’s father is suddenly and mysteriously kidnapped by a shadowy group called the Anti-Human League, it’s up to Charlie to save him. Before long, he has assembled a motley crew to help. From the terrifying but well-meaning troll Grim Grumblesson to the high-flying young aeronauts Bob and Sir Oliver, this team will follow the trail anywhere. But the league’s plan is much more sinister than Charlie could have imagined. And as he unravels the secrets of the league, he also uncovers his father’s own secrets—about his family, the league, and even himself...   Can Charlie and his gang rescue his father from the dastardly villains who have kidnapped him? And will Charlie be able to come to terms with who he really is? The journey begins here!

Knopf Books for Young Readers 336 pages

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