AT Once (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 3) (Redemption Thriller Series)

John W. Mefford

A vow to honor those who perished… ...or a ruthless vigilante? Boston Strong of just a few years ago is now Boston on edge. And this time the targets are men of the cloth—priests. Could Alex's friend and colleague be behind these bombings? Alex is torn between her loyalty of friendship and her FBI oath. But what price will she ultimately pay? Bloody Sunday. The IRA. The movement toward peace. Wounds of decades ago have reopened, bleeding all over Boston. As Alex pieces together the puzzle, she wonders how innocent her colleague really is. How far will someone go to make a stand? Get AT Once now! Redemption Thriller Series *Suggested to read the books in the following order: Alex Troutt Thrillers: AT Bay - RTS #1 AT Large - RTS #2 AT Once - RTS #3 AT Dawn - RTS #4 AT Dusk - RTS #5 AT Last - RTS #6 Ivy Nash Thrillers: IN Defiance - RTS #7 IN Pursuit - RTS #8 IN Doubt - RTS #9 Break IN - RTS #10 IN Control - RTS #11 IN The End - RTS #12 Ozzie Novak Thrillers: ON Edge - RTS #13 Game ON - RTS #14 ON The Rocks - RTS #15 Shame ON You - RTS #16 ON Fire - RTS #17 ON The Run - RTS #18 Alex Troutt Thrillers: AT Stake - RTS #19 AT Any Cost - RTS #20 Back AT You - RTS #21 AT Every Turn - RTS #22 AT Death's Door - RTS #23 AT Full Tilt - RTS #24 The Scoop By now you're probably aware that the Alex Troutt thrillers, Ivy Nash thrillers, and the Ozzie Novak thrillers are all under the same Redemption Thriller Series umbrella. Why? Because, ultimately, they all connect -- Alex, Ivy, Ozzie. How? That's part of the mystery that I'm slowly unveiling throughout the Redemption Thriller Series. Through each sub-series, characters from different books appear in the other novels. If it adds suspense, intrigue, or even a good laugh, I've included a cross-over character -- it's a lot more fun that way. Plus -- and here's the real kicker -- the final six novels will bring all of the major characters together -- Alex, Ivy, Ozzie. It will be explosive and gut-wrenching…in a way that will leave you breathless.

Sugar Hill Press 304 pages

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