The Silver Chalice (Loyola Classics)

Thomas Costain

"An outstanding historical novel.”—New York Times “This novel makes real . . . the whole world of the New Testament.”—Chicago Tribune “His theme is presented with an assurance and sweetness that is refreshing in a great novel.”—Christian Science Monitor The colorful, passionate world of early Christianity comes to vivid life in this story of Basil of Antioch. Basil, a sensitive artisan, is purchased from slavery and commissioned to create a decorative casing for the Chalice that Jesus used at the Last Supper. Basil travels to Jerusalem, Greece, and Rome, meets the apostles, braves the perils of persecution, and finally makes a fateful choice that allows him to “see” Jesus. The dramatic plot, compelling characters, and spiritual depth of The Silver Chalice made it one of the most popular historical novels of the twentieth century.

Loyola Classics 840 pages

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