The Mists of Time (The Oracles Book 4)

Delia Colvin

"The most powerful and emotional of the series" "The best one yet!” "Another beautiful addition to the oracle series!” The saga continues.... It began with a love more powerful than death. Alex Morgan’s love for his soul mate, Valeria was both legend and tragic. But finally, after 3000 years, they are living the life of their dreams in modern day Manhattan. Until a decisive flash of lightning opens a Kairos, a window in time, and changes their destiny forever... In search of answers to their missing friends, Paolo Carrara leads them into the Underworld. And with one fateful step, Alex disappears into the past, igniting hidden passions, betrayals, and a possible end to the people that Valeria loves most—including Alex. In order to save her husband and friends, Valeria follows Alex to ancient Greece, as the life they once knew vanishes into the mists of time... "The Oracles does for Greek mythology what Outlander does for the Scottish Highlands!" THE ORACLES A love more enduring than life...than death...than destiny.

Firefly Productions 421 pages

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