Fearsome: (Fearsome Series Book 1)

S. A. Wolfe

"This book was so flipping fantabulous, and I was so glad that for ONCE, the girl picked the guy I thought she should end up with." ~ reviewer on Goodreads She’s a big city math genius who’s flunking at love. Add a rugged, small town carpenter to the equation and it's a problem she can't work out. Jessica Channing is wired differently. Once a math prodigy, she was groomed by her academic parents to excel, except where it matters most…with people. She may be brilliant when it comes to her high-tech career in New York City, but Jess is socially inept when it comes to men and the illogical concept of romance. She’d rather spend an evening working on functional calculus than attempt another disastrous first date…There are never second dates. Everything changes for her when Jess receives one surprising phone call and visits one quirky small town where reconnections are made with long forgotten childhood friends. Enter Carson Blackard, too handsome and too serious, and Dylan Blackard, too cute and too wild—these two men make her head spin. Jess is out of her element, and her once predictable rigid world is upended. For the first time, she must face her own uncertain feelings about love. *This is a standalone novel in the Fearsome Series.

S. A. Wolfe 466 pages

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