The Doublecross: (And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy)

Jackson Pearce

Everyone in twelve-year-old Hale's family is a spy, going way back. They've all worked for the Sub Rosa Society, an elite organization that's so top secret that new agents aren't recruited; they're born. Despite the fact that Hale can defuse an explosive, don a disguise in seconds, and speak eleven languages, Hale isn't like his spy-school classmates-- he is, as his mother puts it, "big-boned," and as everyone else puts it, "fat." But when Hale's parents go missing while on a secret mission--likely captured by SRS's number one enemy--it's Hale's time to step up and (with a little help from his acrobat cheerleader little sister) save the day. The trouble is, when you're surrounded by spies, who can you trust?

Bloomsbury USA Childrens 304 pages

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