Author Dave Block is a survivor. It was almost not so. He struggled with depression, drugs, and alcoholism. Instead of acknowledging these problems, he ‘self-medicated’ with alcohol, drugs, self-harm, and sex. For years he attempted to live a ‘normal’ life. As his addictions and depression spiraled out of control, however, he hit bottom and settled upon suicide. His hand was stayed in the last moments, and his life was forever changed. Dave chose to fight for his life, confronting his problems head on. Through the support of friends and family, tools acquired through Alcoholics Anonymous, and the impact of the music of Blue October, he terminated his vices, searched his soul, and began to rebuild a life that had no longer been his own. This book takes the reader, in a brutally honest and open manner, from life, to low, to catharsis. Dave hopes that through his experiences, strength, honesty, and hope that you, too, will be strong enough - feel empowered enough - to face your own demons and addictions, so that you may also regain control of your own life.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 156 pages

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